Bliz Rave Nano Optics, Photochromic Black Frame with Orange Blue Nano Lens

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Rave Nano Optics Photochromic:

It's almost as magic. This version of Rave combines the ability of the NANOOPTICS™ lens with a Photochromic treatment that automatically adapts to the light. With Rave Nano Optics Photochromic you will wonder how you ever managed without these ski goggles. No refractive error, no light refraction, superior anti-fog treatment. Better visibility and focus than ever before with a lens that changes between filter categories 1, 2 and 3 depending on the light. Sunny? Cloudy weather? In the middle of the night? Same lens all the time.

Lens Features
Rave Nano Optics Photochromic is equipped with a single lens that combines the best of everything. NANOOPTICS™ technology means that different materials are combined into a lens that provides enhanced visibility. Also, without refractive error or light refraction, which can be noticed in a regular double lens. The NANOOPTICS ™ lens has valuable features such as scratch protection, anti-fog treatment and multicoating. The anti-fog is at least 3 times better than a standard double lens. It is unbreakable, has maximum UV protection and is water repellent.

The photochromic treatment allows the lens to adapt automatically to the light. If it is bright outside and strong sun, the lens darkens by itself to filter category 3. If it is less bright then the lens itself lights up, up to filter category 1. A lens that fits in all weather and all lights.

Rave Nano Optics Photochromic has three layers of foam with fleece which ensures that comfort is always the best.

Rave Nano Optics Photochromic has a silicone-treated strap that easily can be adjusted and makes your goggles always sit exactly where you want it on the helmet. You can easily wear your regular glasses with OTG customization. The lens is easily interchangeable (extra lenses are available as optional).

Technical information

  • 100 % UV protection
  • 3 Layer foam
  • Ventilated frame
  • Strap with silicone to keep your goggles in place over your helmet
  • Soft Pouch included
  • Single Lens
Lens Category:
3 (Daylight)
Lens Category:
2 (Moderate Light)
Lens Category:
0-1 (Night or Flat Light)
Lens Technology:
Nano Optics Photochromic
Lens Technology:
Laminated Nano Lens


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    Fantastic goggles!

    Posted by Russ on Nov 24th 2020

    I have not had a chance to actually ski with these yet, but I can't wait to do so! I have worn them around just to check them out though. Love the fit of the Rave goggles. They work well for my face. Lens clarity is great, and the photochromatic effect is a great feature. All in all, I love my Bliz Raves!!!