Bliz Nova, Black Frame with Orange Blue Lens Athlete Product

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Nova ULS - Wide Angle Vision

Bliz Ultra Lens Science™ is the ultimate in lens technology. Through intensive research and careful tests we have succeeded to further develop the traditional double lens into one high-tech laminated single lens. Bliz ULS™ goggles deliver 9 unique lens features. All in one single lens.

Bliz ULS™ lenses are made with Bliz X-PC™, the virtually unbreakable lens that complies with European Standard 174:2001 for high-mass and high velocity impact. This state of the art lens material also delivers a 100% filter for harmful UVA- and UVB rays. 
Bliz Ultra Lens Science™ delivers the highest lens quality for any weather, every light, all terrains and every speed so you can keep focused on what’s ahead.

Lens Category:
3 (Daylight)
Lens Technology:
Double Lens