​How to Fly: Traveling with Liquid Wax

Posted by Jacob Huseby on Sep 17th 2020

​How to Fly: Traveling with Liquid Wax

Dear Skipost,  

This isn't just relating to START waxes, it seems every wax maker is going more and more to liquid waxes. Problem is they all contain some sort of solvent whether it's alcohol or something else that ends up with the wax labelled as flammable. This is a huge problem for anyone who intends to fly to a ski race. Although the Birkie exhibition is well stocked with many waxes, that isn't always the case. Also, it means that a skier now has to potentially buy a bunch of rather expensive wax for just one race and then leave almost full bottles behind. I still remember the wax room in Norway the day after the Birkebeiner - there was a long row of waxes, removers and skin treatments all left behind by skiers who were flying home and unable to take these flammable products onto the plane. I'm not sure what the answer is to this situation, and it's not like the vast majority of skiers are flying all over the place BUT, it sure cramps the style of those who do! With the MWC being in Canada this winter, that's a lot of Europeans flying over here and needing to access wax supplies when they arrive.


Hey D, great question!
Most of the liquid waxes on the market use petroleum as their delivery agent for the paraffin wax. While this is a general question for the wax industry, we do stand apart from the competition because we avoid using petroleum

in our ski waxes. We have full lines of liquid waxes and gel waxes, neither of which use petroleum. The key difference between our liquid wax and our gel wax, is the liquid wax uses alcohol as the delivery agent, while the gel is a solution in water.

Despite how great it would be to sell travelers a new wax box every time they land (gotta make payments on the Subaru), we do have a full line of gel based waxes that are 100% good to fly. These include our ultra-gel series of waxes that have been available for the past two seasons, and our new line of ceramic racing finishers. The ultra-gel gliders function like applying a paraffin wax to your skis, and the racing finishers replace your blocks and powders.

We have fluorinated options and non-fluorinated options available for both. The Fluorinated waxes will have Fluor in the name, and the non-fluor will be under the name RG, or notinclude Fluor in the name. Application is straightforward. Begin by saturating the sponge on the tip of the bottle and applying a thin, even layer of liquid to a clean ski. Follow that up with a natural cork, and finish with a white nylon brush. There's no waiting around with our waxes. After application, the skis are ready to go in under 5 minutes.

Happy trails,

Jacob Huseby


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