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Naroo X5H

Breathability is key to a good winter sports mask, neck gaiter, or tubular. Combine that with our innovative EX-BONE that creates a 3D air-warming with anti-fog capabilities and you have the ultimate winter accessory. It’s easy-breathing, comfortable, and keeps you warm.

3D Air-Warming Chamber + Anti-Fog Capabilities

The key component of the Z5H is the ergonomically-designed EX-BONE, a lightweight, flexible exoskeleton-like structure that creates a 3D air-room. It prevents the fabric from touching your mouth and creating moisture buildup, but more importantly, it allows the air to become warm and humidified. Another function of the EX-BONE is that it helps prevent fogging goggles when combined with the Z5H’s adjustable nose clip.

Safe Winter Breathing

Because our lungs are made to process humid, warm air, the chill, dry air of winter can lead to wheezing and coughing. The Z5H is designed to solve that problem – it humidifies and warms the air. Additionally, it protects your face, head, ears, and neck from the wind, helping keep your head and breathing warm.

Half-Balaclava Neck Warmer 

No matter how many times you slide your helmet or hat on or off, this half-balaclava made of mixed-weave fabric wraps snugly around your head and face without sliding down or covering your eyes. The shape and tailored mixed-weave fabric of the half-balaclava also maximizes protection during winter outdoor sports. The fabric also contains cuttable ponytail slits for those of you who like your hair to flow free.

Fitted Under Eye Stitching 

A combination of a firm upper cheek line, special stitching, and an elasticated hem distributes tension and provides padding to not only prolong wear-time without irritation, but also to prevent the fabric from blocking your vision or irritating your eyes. 


NAROO’s nylon blend fabric wicks moisture away from the skin and allows it to spread out and dry quickly, which keeps you warm and dry in freezing conditions.