Bliz Raid FIS Certified Ski Helmet

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High speed protection

If safety is your top priority in a helmet - Raid is the choice for you. Raid meets the high requirements of racing helmets set by FIS (Federation of International Skiing). A hard-shell construction with an outer shell made from ABS, and an EPS core with EPP reinforcements. In case of an accident the Emergency Quick Release System™ makes it easy to remove the helmet. Airflow Ventilation System™ gives you the best ventilation at any speed. Raid also has a detachable neck pad, a rubber strap holder and the option of mounting a chin guard. For top level performance in alpine skiing and freeriding, Raid is the right model when safety is your main focus.

Raid is a helmet with a hard-shell construction that has an outer layer made from durable ABS plastic. The inside is a core made from EPS, with additional reinforcements made from EPP.

The unique Airflow Ventilation System™ from Bliz is carefully tested to provide an optimal airflow both around and inside the helmet. Raid has efficient air channels that give you just the right amount of air for a better sense of comfort.

If safety is always  important to you, Raid is the right helmet to choose. A durable shell of ABS-plastic, a tough material that can withstand high forces and strong impacts. Raid has a core made from EPS that has additional reinforcements with extra padding made from EPP. Raid is also equipped with Emergency Quick Release System™, making it easy to remove the helmet in case of an accident. If you’re interested in slalom skiing you’ll appreciate the option of mounting a chin guard. All this means that Raid lives up to the tough demands and high requirements set by FIS (Federation of International Skiing) of how a racing helmet should be designed.

Weight and size
Raid is available in sizes S (50-54 cm), M (54-58 cm) and L (58-61 cm).