Wide Angle Vision  

Nova gives you a field of view beyond the ordinary. A result of many years of experience and cooperation with alpine skiers in the world elite. A model with ventilated frame and double lens. Outer lens in unbreakable X-PC with 100% UV protection and an acetate inner lens with anti-fog treatment that effectively gives you clear visibility in all weather. Adjustable side buckles and silicone treated straps provide perfect fit on the helmet. Wear Nova over your regular glasses, Nova is an OTG model. If you spend a couple of days on alpine skiing or freeriding, you will feel very comfortable with the 3-layer foam. Nova has a unique frame that is for one thing - maximize your field of view. See more than ever in the ski slope with Nova.

Lens Features
Nova's double lens consists of two parts. The high optical outer lens is made of non-crushable X-PC polycarbonate with 100% UV protection. The inner part is made of Italian acetate and has a very effective anti-fog treatment. The Nova field of view is maximized thanks to the unique design of the frame. Nova has lenses in filter category 1, 2 or 3.

Nova has 3-layer foam with the inside consist of fleece that is close to the face for maximum comfort.

Customize Nova to the helmet with adjustable side buckles and a strap with silicone treatment. If you have regular glasses, you can easily wear them under Nova thanks to that they are OTG customized. If you want to change the lens, it is easy to change to one of our other lenses (available as an option).