Liner (with double lens)

Full Frame Protection

Liner is an affordable model with good performance. You get comfortable fit with 2-layer foam and adjustable neck strap. The liner has a double lens of good optical quality. The outer lens of unbreakable X PC has 100% UV protection and inner lens in acetate is anti-fog treated. Liner is a good choice with a full frame for those interested in alpine skiing and freeriding.

 Lens Features

Liner is constructed with a double lens of good optical quality. The inner lens in acetate has an anti-fog treatment, and the outer lens in unbreakable X-PC is unbreakable with 100% UV protection. Together with the ventilation in the frame, it helps the lens to keep fog and condensation away, giving you a good view of the ski slope.

Two layers of foam make Liner comfortable on the face.

The liner has an adjustable neck strap. The lens is changeable (available as an option).