Rave Nano Optics

Every run counts

Maximize your runs with Rave Nano Optics! This model of Rave is equipped with a unique NANOOPTICS™ single lens without any refractive error or light refraction. NANOOPTICS™- the lens combines the absolute best features in one lens for unmatched visibility and clarity. Always with 100% UV protection. The frame is ventilated and has 3-layer foam with fleece for maximum comfort on the slopes. The silicone strap holds the glasses in place on the helmet. Wear your regular glasses with OTG customization. A really good choice for alpine skiing and freeriding, with Rave Nano Optics you can give your maximum in every run.


Lens Features
Rave Nano Optics is equipped with a single lens with NANOOPTICS™ technology. By combining different materials into a single lens, Nano Optics gives you an enhanced view without refractive error or refraction of light that can be noticed in a regular double lens. The NANOOPTICS™ lens has valuable features such as scratch protection, anti-fog treatment and multicoating. The anti-fog is at least 3 times better than a standard double lens. It is unbreakable, has maximum UV protection and is water repellent. Superior technology in one lens. Available in filter category 1 or 

Rave Nano Optics has three layers of foam with fleece, so comfort is top notch.

Rave Nano Optics has a silicone-treated strap that has a firm grip on the helmet. You can wear your regular glasses comfortably with OTG customization. If you want to change to another lens, you can make it quick and easy.