Bliz Nova Nano Optics, Matte Black Frame, Light Orange with Blue Multi Ultra Lens

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Nova Nano Optics

Same stylish goggles as Nova with the same great comfort - but with Nano Optics. With advanced nanotechnology, this lens provides better performance than a traditional double lens. Enjoy the cool air, the speed in the face and the feeling in the legs. Never has the visibility been clearer than now - with Nova Nano Optics every run becomes a real pleasure.

Lens Features
Nova Nano Optics is equipped with a single lens with NANOOPTICS™ technology. By combining different materials into a single lens, Nano Optics gives you an enhanced view without refractive error or refraction of light that can be noticed in a regular double lens. The NANOOPTICS™ lens has valuable features such as scratch protection, anti-fog treatment, and multicoating. The anti-fog is at least 3 times better than a standard double lens. It is unbreakable, has 100% UV protection, and is water repellent. Superior technology in one lens. Available in filter category 1 or 3. Learn more about NANOOPTICS here.

Nova Nano Optics has three layers of foam with fleece, so comfort is top notch.

Nova Nano Optics has a silicone-treated strap that has a firm grip on the helmet. You can wear your regular glasses comfortably with OTG customization. If you want to change to another lens, you can quickly and easily (available as an option).

Technical information

  • 100 % UV protection
  • 3 Layer foam
  • Ventilated frame
  • Strap with silicone to keep your goggles in place over your helmet
  • Soft Pouch included
  • Single Lens


Lens Technology:
Nano Optics
Lens Category:
0-1 (Night or Flat Light)
Lens Technology:
Laminated Nano Lens