Bliz Nova Nano Optics Nordic Light, Matte Black Frame, Coral with Blue Multi Contrast Lens

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Nova Nano Optics Nordic Light 

Nova Nordic Light gives you a field of vision out of the ordinary, even in poorer lighting conditions. A result of many years of experience and collaboration with the world's best athletes. A model with ventilated frame and double lens with Nordic Light™ treatment. Outer lens in unbreakable X-PC with 100% UV protection and an acetate inner lens with anti fog protection that effectively gives you clear visibility in all weather.

The Nordic Light™ lens is a high-tech lens that significantly enhances contrasts in poor lighting conditions such as flat light. Adjustable side buckles and silicone treated straps provide perfect fit on the helmet. Nova Nordic Light is also an OTG model. If you spend a couple of days on alpine skiing or free riding, you will get comfortable with the 3-layer foam.

Nova Nordic Light has a unique frame that is for one thing - maximize your field of view. See more than ever in the ski slope with Nova Nordic Light!

Lens Category:
0-1 (Night or Flat Light)
Lens Technology:
Nano Optics Nordic Light
Lens Technology:
Laminated Nano Lens