START HFXT GEL RED 10°...-2C (50°..28°F)

START HFXT GEL RED 10°...-2C (50°..28°F)50ML
Manufacturer: Start
SKU: 02560

High Fluor XT GEL gliders are suitable for all snow conditions, when humidity is 55%-100%, 

Gels are gellified XT gliders.

Gel on and cork or rotocork in


  • HFXT Gel Finishers
    • WBC -gel form powders
    • Water based gel -> environmental friendly
    • gel finisher corked onto the base
      • by corking (roto or hand) the gel brings the wax ontot he base
      • carrying gel matrial will get off from the base and leave fine tight finisher film ontot he base
    • best result when brushed and polished
    • no ironing
    • no smoke, no particles, no health risks
  • HFXT Red, Purple, Blue, Green
    • New future fluoros C6 and shorter molecular chains -> more environment friently
    • Added extra particle material for better glide and durability compared to previous HF or competitors
    • better water repellence
    • less dirt collecting
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