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Swenor offers three shaft constructions.
• Composite Laminate Shaft
• Aluminum Tubing Shaft
• Aluminum Monocoque Frame

To make Swenor composite shafts, laminates (thin plies) of lightweight wood are sandwiched and wrapped by layers of carbon fiber and/or fiberglass. These composite layers are bonded together with space age epoxy resins in a special mold that gives the skis their slight Nordic flexing camber. Cap models are further wrapped in a protective cap. Composite laminate construction is successful because the various materials act together. Each material can overcome deficits in the others. This allows Swenor to engineer a ski that feels as if you are skiing on snow, and, at the same time, can handle the demanding rigors of the harsh road environment.

• Lightweight wood is at the core to absorb and dampen road vibrations, thus reducing skier fatigue.
• Fiberglass is added to further dampen vibrations, and serves as a lightweight method of increasing stiffness, strength and durability in order to withstand impacts from objects that will be encountered on road surfaces.
• Carbon Fiber replaces some wood and fiberglass to further decrease weight on the Carbon Fibre shaft.
• Cap is a thin foil material added as a further protective barrier against the elements on Cap models.
• Lightweight front and rear aluminum wheel forks are attached to the exterior of composite shafts. This three-part shaft fork system further insulates the skier
from harsh road shock.

Aluminum Rectangular Box Tube Construction is chosen for its perfect combination of lightweight materials and stiffness. Rigid front and rear aluminum wheel forks are attached to the interior of the AluTech shaft. This three part shaft/fork further helps insulate the skier from harsh road shock.

The shaft and wheel forks are configured from a singular piece of rectangular aluminum tubing. This one-piece Monocoque design is chosen for its lightweight affordability. Some models are specially configured at the wheel forks with a lowered shaft to lower the center of gravity, which increases skier stability.

SKATE: Skating wheels are narrower, harder and have larger diameters than classic wheels. The higher positioning allows skate skis to move in the angular side-to-side skating motion without the frame or wheel forks catching an edge. The harder rubber compound increases the wheels skating durability. Adult diameter: 100 mm, breadth: 24 mm Junior diameter: 80 mm, breadth: 24 mm. 

SWENOR SKATE WHEEL SPEEDS: Just as warm snow is faster than cold snow Swenor rollerski wheels are faster at warmer temperatures. All training skis come
with the #2 medium speed and hardness wheel standard. #1 and #3 training wheels are available as options. #1 is a fast wheel. #2 replicates snow speeds when temperatures are colder than 77F(25C) and #3 replicates snow speeds when temps are above 77F. Advanced skate skiers are split in their use of the standard #2 or slower softer#3 skate wheels which tend to wear more quickly.

BEARINGS: All Swenor rollerskis use Swenor specific precision sealed bearings. They are engineered to fit the
Swenor wheels with the tightest tolerances and provide long, easy and quite running life. Wipe dry after use, do
not lube bearings.

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Swenor Jr Skate

Junior’s first skate ski: Highly maneuverable short, light, and lowered Aluminum Monocoque frame and small stable wheels.

Swenor Skate Elite with #2 Normal speed wheels

MVP- Like Skating on Snow: Famous Swenor on-snow feel from a composite shaft and easy rolling skate wheels.

Swenor Skate (Aluminum)

Smooth and durable aluminum shaft and easy rolling skate wheels. Comes stock with our most popular, #2 speed wheels.

Swenor Skate Long (Aluminum)

Smooth and durable aluminum shaft and easy rolling skate wheels. Long shaft increases stability and smooths the ride.