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Start Glide Wax Starter Kit

Start Base Wax 90g glider: Soft wax for initial prep of new skis and care, cleaning and re-prep of old skis also can be used on warm days as glider. Start SG6 90g glider: Purple glider wax, ideal for 19-28F but very effective warmer, too. Start SG8 90g glider: Blue glider wax, ideal for 10-19F but works well colder and warmer, too. Start SG10 90g glider: Famous Start Green glider for the coldest days -22-10F Start Groove Scraper – for gently cleaning your ski grooves, step 1 after ironing Start Acrylic Scraper – to remove excess glider after hot waxing once skis and wax has cooled, step 2 Start Easy Brass Brush: for initial passes after scraping, step 3 Start Easy Nylon Brush: for final polishing of bases after scraping and brass brushing, step 4 All in a special Start Wax Bag: Individual items cost exceeds $133.00 w/o bag, with the bag $153.00.