Hybrid : Dual Optics - regular & small face

Hybrid's and Hybrid Small Face frame are updated versions of our already successful Velo XT.

It's dual Perfect Curve lenses provide perfect vision, in every direction, for any sport, in most any weather. Its top brow is positioned high on the face to remain out of sight even in back-down heads-up sports like cycling. These features mated to Bliz's famous fully adjustable nose-piece and temples allow you to adjust it from wind-free to fog-free while delivering the best Perfect Curve optics we offer.

With nose pieces set wide the Hybrid is positioned high and close-to-the face making it ideal for the demands of cyclists, speed skaters and other high speed, back down, heads up sports where keeping focused means shielding the eyes from sun, wind and air-born particulates. Narrow the nose pieces in and the frame and lenses move off-the-face for increased airflow to minimize fogging making it great for high fog sports like cross-country skiing. Three sets of dual Perfect Curve lenses (or one set of ULS lenses) deliver the best of our Perfect curve technology.