Athlete Self Analysis

Monday, March 4, 2019

Athlete Self Analysis

Place a check in the box on the right that best agrees with the statement on the left. 

  Yes Sort-Of Not Really No
I can ski forever        
I do best in 50km races        
I do well on long gradual hills        
I do best in 30km races        
I do well with an even race pace        
I can only go medium hard/fast        
I do best in 15km races        
I rule!        
I do best in 10km races        
I can go very hard/fast        
I do well with a varying pace        
I do best in 5km races        
I do well on short, steep hills        
I do best in 1-2km sprint races        
I have a great sprint        

Checks moving from upper left to lower right indicate strength in Endurance and a weakness in speed. Checks moving from upper right to lower left indicate strength in speed and a weakness in endurance. Checks pushed right in the middle of the graph indicate a high-end fitness weakness, such as low Vo2, lactate threshold and/or poor economy. Only testing at a qualified lab can determine where your physiological weakness in this zone lies. 

You can gain some beneficial information from analyzing your performances in your five best and five worst races. See if you can find trends that might help indicate your strengths, weaknesses (area's of greatest opportunity) with regard to fitness, strategy, diet and your race and pre-race habits. Things to consider are the race distance, technique, individual or mass start, snow and weather conditions (cold/warm, soft/hard tracks), course type (hilly, flat, steep, gradual), strategy (start hard/easy, attack the hills or ski an even tempo), nutrition (general, morning of, day before), other (travel, sleep, emotional state, race size…)

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